Advertising Materials

Everyone is happy about a useful promotional gifts. Customers are busy finding useful promotional gifts. Promotional gifts will only trigger positive emotions if they have been chosen correctly.

Promotional gifts that do not work:

  • A lighter that stops working after just a few clicks
  • A pen that breaks after a few sentences.
  • Promotional gifts that are unoriginal

Promotional gifts like these do not have a positive effect on the customer. They are image damaging as the gift is associated with your business.

A gift is positive when the customer treats it as having bought it himself. If the customer talks about the gift and shows it to potential buyers, you will benefit greatly.

Do you know how you can achieve this condition?

We have the solution for you!

The credit card protection card as a promotional tool

Give your customers an article that they can use. The protection card offers benefits to your customers such as:

  • Customers are protected from hackers by your card
  • The card can be used for a long time due to the high quality
  • The customer has pleasure with your personally printed card.

With your branded data protection card you make it into a very emotional area of the customer. The card is in the wallet of the customer and is thus seen every day. This affects the customer sustainably and subconsciouslyin a positive sense.

The protection card is durable and is more often viewed by customers than i.e. a lighter.
In relation, the protection card feels and works much better and is thus cheap compared to the lighter.

With your personally branded protection card you build up

  • Trust
  • Customer
  • Long term sales potential
  • Positive images in customers subconscious mind and
  • Positive image.