Data Protection Card

Your problem

Your data can now be easily stolen electronically without you noticing!

This works through the use of low-cost RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – scanners. Nowadays hackers are also able to steal your data with normal smartphones.

These reading devices are hidden in handbags, briefcases or rucksacks. Either copies of your data are created or immediately purchased with on the Internet. And all within 1 minute! Usually only the card number is necessary – and up to 25 or 50 Euro no passwords are needed.

Other documents can also be read out and misused:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Personal ID
  • Hotel room card
  • Company admission card


You as a victim only find out when it is too late – when checking your bank statements.

The question is not if – but when you become victim of such hacker attacks.

The solution

Have you heard about the Credit Card Protection Card?

My protection card is a simple & efficient defense against electronic data – theft.

This card makes your data invisible to hackers by means of a jamming signal. The card does not need a battery. It uses the energy field of the enemy card reader to block the signal.

Protect up to 10 cards in the wallet with only 1 protection card.

Two-stage protection through patented US technology

A built-in microchip sets up an interference field protecting your data. The second microchip reflects the hacking signal. Therefore you have a two stage protection.

Guarantee your data secure protection against hackers!

(Test of an ISO9001 certified laboratory)