Are you tired of useless and worthless promotional gifts?

The Credit Card Protection Card
is the only promotional gift,
that “stays” in your customer´s wallet

It protects your customers´credit card against data theft. That´s the one function.

The other one, however, reminds your customers daily about your company!

The Credit Card Protection Card protects your customers’ bank and credit cards from criminal data theft. It blocks the access of illegal data readers that are already available in the Far East for little money.
The clever customer always wears this shield – which itself is barely any thicker than a regular credit card – in his purse.

And that makes the Credit Card Protection card so unbeatable as a promotional gift. Every time your customers reach for their wallet – the card bearing your company logo – they see your brand. Or even hold it in their hand.
More effect is not possible. And again in two senses: for your customers for protection and for your company for advertising.

The Credit Card Protection Card -
Protection against data theft and effective promotional gift

The Credit Card Protection Card

Eine Abbildung der weißen "Credit Card Protection" Karte

Do not give hackers the chance to steal your debit or credit card information.
Use the Credit Card Protection Card!

Advertising Materials

Eine Abbildung der Credit Suisse Limited Edition

With your personally branded Credit Card Protection Card, you can tie customers to your business. Every day the customer sees your card and builds up trust in you.


Abbildung einer individuellen Credit Card Protection Karte in Schwarz

Personalize your protection card with your brand. Tie long-term customers to your business with this promotional gift.

Your advantages

  • The customer always has the card in his wallet. The customer thus sees the individually printed card every day.
  • The card does not need a battery because it uses the energy field of the enemy card reader. Thus, it reflects a blocking signal.
  • A microchip prevents your ATM or credit card from being read by hackers. Our protection card makes your information invisible.

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Dear valued customer,

  • Do you spend money every year on inefficient and pointless advertising items?
  • Do you often lack the creativity to design a high-quality “Giveaway”?
  • Is the advertising effectiveness of your brand close to zero?

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You deserve the best. Therefore, we will advise you individually to achieve the best possible advertising effect. We offer a one-stop-shop concept. Design, printing, import, quality control and transport to the customer. All from one hand.

If you wish, we are also happy to take over the graphic design of the cards with professional partners. We also support you in designing company-specific folders for your individual card as a high-quality gift for your customers.

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